Zinner Global Mobility is a start-up company founded in Berlin in 2015.


Zinner Global Mobility is one of the first Human Resources players to focus on academic research in the area of Global Mobility including lecturing, publications and academic courses to train Global Mobility professionals.


Its innovative approach is the understanding of academic environments globally and the development of course material according to scientific standards in selected countries. Scientific research output on Globalization and Global Mobility is being translated into study material which supports the education and training of Global Mobility Professional on an academic level.   


Daniel Zinner is the founder and Managing Director of Zinner Global Mobility.


Daniel started his career in Global Mobility almost 15 years ago, working as an international tax consultant for PwC. He then moved on to work in the field of Global Mobility Governance focusing on regulatory compliance, transformation and GM technology taking on various roles within HR functions in Deutsche Bank and Bombardier. 

Daniel has been assigned to work in different locations around the globe, including London, Amsterdam and Montreal. Daniel now lives with his family in Berlin.


Recent focus of Daniel with Zinner Global Mobility and other partners is the enhancement of knowledge level in the Global Mobility professional environment.